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Green Energy Works understands that being truly green means understanding exactly how, when and where your building uses energy and we know that getting such detailed information can be difficult.

Our unique solutions for buildings give everyone a share in energy savings - from developers and building managers to tenants, employees and visitors. And with all stakeholders involved in creating a greener building, the benefits accrue faster.

No other automation platform provides such a detailed level of information, enabling accurate reporting of energy use by time, date and down to the individual room or device. We integrate a wide range of energy measuring devices and renewable energy sources such as solar. We also provide local environmental information from weather stations and RSS feeds.

Green Energy Works also lets everyone see just how green their building is, and share that story with others. Our energy dashboards display all relevant data in real time, meaning the benefits of green automation are always visible and tangible.

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Building Automation Services:

Commercial Building Automation
 Energy Management
Energy Audits
Remote Monitoring

System Integrations

Energy Monitoring
Monitor, Manage and Save on utility costs up to 25% per year

Green Energy Works offers wired and wireless solutions for HVAC, lighting & metering building automation applications. Our products combine wired (BACnet, Modbus, CANbus), wireless (EnOcean, ZigBee) and web (IP/Ethernet) technologies.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting to fit your needs

Enjoy LED lighting savings from the moment you flick the switch!

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